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  1. Shock

    Shock Well-Known Member

    After the latest attempt, I've made this plan of sorts. I want to escape from this life I have and heres how Im going to do it - Im going to find a remote and isolated piece of land near a beach somewhere. Hopefully in a national park so no one 'owns' it. I will take my motorcycle, fuel, a tent, loads of tools and food enough to last at least a couple of weeks.

    There by the sea I will make my home. I will sleep in the tent for the first few days, but over time I will build a kind of modest house or cabin out of the trees, driftwood and such around me. It will likely be very crude but all I will need to do is sleep in it and it wont be like I have visitors. I can use the motorcycle to drive into town to get supplies if I really need.

    I will set up near a little stream or creek for water and take with me books on types of fish and plants to eat. I will also take seeds and plants for vegetables to grow.

    I will work on the cabin or go fishing and gathering during the day and sleep when the sun sets and wake when the sun rises. These will be my only form of time keeping.

    I will also take with me a batch of sleeping pills so that if I become very ill or injured and cannot get myself back I have a way out.

    I'm not kidding myself: it will be incredibly tough but, hey, right now the only other alternative is suicide!

    It's either I go away and get away from all the pressures and just rely on myself or I die.
  2. letmedisappear

    letmedisappear Well-Known Member

    Oh my god, please take me with you.

    To be honest, I feel like a lot of people here might tell you to stay in society or find help. But what you are describing is a peaceful, self-sufficient, beautiful way to live. If you do actually go through with it, I hope that you will make a mathematical strategy to make sure you can indeed survive... lots of research on the area you will be going to, perhaps take a trip to the nearby town to acquaint yourself, learn about the land, buy a water purifier, enough fuel, matches, etc... just basic necessities of "camping". Make sure the area has enough wildlife that you are lawfully allowed to hunt or fish. Make sure the land is arable. And if you're completely serious, practice this raw, rough lifestyle at nearby camping grounds or even in your backyard first. Research safety tips. All the information you can get will help you in the end.

    If you really really end up going for this, best of luck and stay safe. It really can be a wonderful adventure... bring lots of books, fiction, non fiction, and blank. (I would suggest Walden, by Henry David Thoreau, who did something like this.) Record your new life (don't forget loads of pens!! haha) and appreciate the world of nature.

    To be completely honest, I'm sure a lot of people here have thought of some type of escape like this. I have, but I am too young and cowardly and in the wrong environment. But if I could do this, I would have to do thorough research and training before going out there... but to have a goal like this and have it be attainable is absolutely amazing. Just make sure you are completely ready (LOTS of research and practice - I can't say this enough) and let trustworthy people know what you are doing just in case. Bravo to you, and best of luck :)
  3. AlienBeing

    AlienBeing Well-Known Member

    Yeah, unless you can do all those things letmedisappear says to do, it's just a nice fantasy (see the post on using fantasy to escape.) I can still see problems even if you did all that, like it's illegal to live on crown land like that and if the authorities find you they will arrest and remove you. It could also be dangerous if other people find you. People trying to live in tents on crown land in Ontario have been burned to death in their tents by people setting them on fire. It seems there is no way to escape the evils of society. It is much more difficult these days to just disappear because the world is so crowded. There is not a single, deserted habitable island left in the world and there hasn't been for a long time. And you need to be able to fund such a thing with at least some income for supplies. But it's a nice fantasy and I want to come with you too, lol. But that would kind of defeat the purpose if we all joined you wouldn't it? lol.
  4. Ink-Beast

    Ink-Beast New Member

    I love that idea you have! I would love to do something like this, but I'm not in an ideal environment.
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