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Esmeree Amelia...


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A year ago today my darling Esmeree Amelia should have been born.

You should be in my arms and we should be celebrating your first birthday.

Instead i'm stuck with the memories of a life that never was... Of my beautiful little angel watching down on me.

I'll never forget you little one... Never forget your kicks and flutters, the joy I had expecting you...

I hope you're being looked after up there in heaven... They have one special little girl <3


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I'm so sorry you went through this Sasha. I can empathise slightly with you as I had a miscarriage in Dec 2008. Our little Angel would have been born 13th August 2009. Hope our little angels are looking after each other up there hun. Hope you're ok hun



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I'm sorry I missed your day, my little angel, but trust me, I think about you everyday, and how different life would be for me now if you were still here with me.
All I want right now is to hold you, hug you, kiss you, love you unconditionally.

I miss you everyday beautiful <3

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