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Estranged from online friends: why does it bother me

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Perhaps with all that is unfolding in my life at the moment I have become too sensitive in all areas. I recogize you can have online friends but I never put them ahead of live family and friends. But now I find I am on the outside and I feel isolated. Maybe this is silly on my part but I miss conversations with several online folks from SF but the relationship changed after my last attempt and I came back to the site. Maybe this is just babble but I actually feel sad and hurt. I guess just one more part of my life to come to an end. :sad:


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:hug: Sometimes I find the chat here harder than at other times. Maybe it's not that anything's changed other than group dynamics? With so many people joining recently, things are bound to be a bit messed up.

Give it a little more time - it may just be that you've been talking to people when they've been having off days, or there may be certain people who always make the chat go in a direction that doesn't make some of your online friends (or maybe even you) feel comfortable chatting publicly.


Hey reborn, when the social network of the enviroment you are used to is as subject to as much change as it is here then unless you are actively part of the site you tend to get left behind a bit, it's a shame but unfortunately that's how life is all over, life forces us to carry on until we can no longer go further and the world leaves us behind, sometimes we can catch up but I admit, it's hard work.

You are still very much my friend however, and I am more than aware of the impending deadline and for that I am very concerned about you, it's horrible not being able to do anything real for your friends but I am here anytime you need a chat :hug:
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