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lost in space

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I wrote a beautiful self eulogy, but it wouldn't post...I lost it...why wouldn't it post?... it doesn't matter now... I don't have the desire or care to write it again...its time to say goodbye.


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Why say "Good bye"? Isn't it better to say hello, and meet a new face? And as for the not posting, soetimes it's just an error with too much content to process.. etc. I do hope you reply, I don't like "Good bye".


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Hmmm well various reasons as to WHY you might have lost it. Chances are it was too long or there was a problem with the transmission.

Anyway, I really hope that it is not time to say good bye. You have not been here all that long we have not had the chance to at least give you advice.

Please stick around, I have noticed that if we do not try to make things better they most likely wont


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Im sorry you had trouble with your post, unfortunately sometimes that happens. Please dont say goodbye, stick around awhile and talk to us. We are here to support eachother. I do hope you decide to rewrite your eulogy. PLease take good care of yourself and know that you have support here!!!
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