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  1. Butterfly

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    Cannot feel the cold,
    Actions become bold.
    Risk taker,
    Love maker.
    Drive a little faster,
    Think I’m, the lyrical master.
    I’m the hero of the hour,
    God granted me with this divine power.
    Thoughts racing,
    Start pacing.
    Can’t stop talking,
    Must keep walking.
    Adrenaline rushing,
    Emotions gushing.
    I’m the best thing since sliced bread,
    Next person to cross me will be fucking dead!
    Feeling the rage build deep inside,
    Everyone around me better go and hide!
    Losing touch of what’s real,
    What I’ve give right now not to feel.
    Now giving in to my own paranoia,
    A tale of my warped euphoria.
  2. demuredawn

    demuredawn Well-Known Member

    wow awesome description of the bipolar cycles... well done!
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