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I'm so fed up of obsessing over every little thing I eat, I think out of all the things wrong with me at the moment this is the one I want to stop the most.

It's driving the peole around me mad and they're all slowly just giving up on me. They seem to think that just saying "There's nothing wrong with you. Eat." I'm just gonna go "Oh go on then" and just start eating normally!!

Deep down I know I don't need to lose weight, but I don't want to gain weight either.

I'm proper rambling on... I spose I just want some suggestions on where to start to make this stop...

Thanks xx
If you feel you dont need to lose and dont want to gain it, but i would suggest making a healthy eating plan, work out what a stable way of eating.

A way of doing this is to work out how much energy you use on a day to day basis, then workout a healthy eating plan to supply the body with the amount of energy used, that way the body only uses the nergy being supplyed throught out the day, meaning your body weight should remain constant.

sorry for rambling on, its just iv been doing sports science at college for 2 years so we've done a few things on diet and healthy eating etc.

hope this helps in some way, if you need further explaination then just post here and ill try explain further :smile:
Sounds pretty complicated!! But yeah, what I was wanting to do was to get into a regular eating pattern, like 3 healthy meals a day. I run a lot so I'm hoping that keeping my weight down shouldn't be too difficult.

I'm feeling really positive about this whole thing actually, I feel like I'm actually going to do it this time, because I want to rather than because I'm being told to.

Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it :smile:
It’s really great you want to fix things up xD
Like Vikki said a healthy eating plan is a good way to go. You may also want to see a nutritionist for help with that.
Getting back on track can be great fun =]
Just post here when you want support.
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