European Union Thieves

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  1. Xaos

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  2. CAD

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    Labour and the Conservatives are resolutely in favour of the EU. If you live in England, you haven't got a choice.
  3. Hache

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    Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Romania and Poland all take billions FROM the EU, whilst we GIVE billions to it.

    I'd question why we are paying for the agricultural industrys in these countrys.

    As for the European Parliament it is there to try and take even more power off us.
  4. Adam_D

    Adam_D Well-Known Member

    The European Union is a totalitarian empire and it will collapse in the end, despite that it may take years, possibly decades. It's just the question of when. By looking at history, all empires has collapsed. The Roman Empire, the Soviet Union and the Ottoman empire, you name it. Of course some empires have being broken-up from the outside of itself while others have imploded. Some have claimed that the economic collapse in Greece due to the instability of the Euro currency and may very well be the mark of the beginning of its collapse as well as more and more people are realising what a sham the EU is. Portugal and Spain are at great risk of what has happened to Greece.

    The European Union will implode in the end in the same way the Soviet Union did. The symptoms are already showing up.
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  5. suicidal maniac

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    I don't know how to make you understand that it's a good thing for us poorer countries. I was born in Hungary. Sure it must have been better for you back in the cold war days, but you have to think of everybody. It's just like the health care debate in the US, they say that universal healthcare would hurt the quality of healthcare, but in reality it would give healthcare for everybody and not just the rich.
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