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  1. It's in my past now, yet I still bear the physical scars. I guess I was fascinated by the pain, using it as a way to escape from reality. Being an impressionable youth I got the idea from another. I did it more than once, until I was sickly for days from the loss of blood. Nothing was involved, no drug nor was I driven by the actions of others. I was alone... that must've been it. If you ever need someone who can relate-even discreetly-you can PM me. I'll try & help, you're not alone. :smile:
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    Well done for fighting past it and finding a way forward without it.
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    Good for you. I can see my own pattern in what you're saying about being fascinated. The problem is that I have it with blood. And it is just so stupid to do, cuz you'll never lose the scars.
    Luckily there's something that works well: an elastic rope around your wrist. Just pull it when you feel the need; it'll help.
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