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even talking about it is so painful

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Did you ever feel you are not doing well and even talking about or writing about it seems impossible because of the deepness of the emotional pain...

That is the way I have been feeling since days.

Maybe it is what happened when you hit the top extreme of "fed-up".



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Sometimes its as if if you speak the whole thing will just over whelm you.
Have you had any medical help with the depression?


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im able to live at a general sort of neutrality if i don't have to talk about it. therapy doesn't really help at all, so i'll be going on meds soon to see if it helps. once ive turned 18 though, i have to go to a different place for therapy or what ever, because this one is for only under 18's. don't think i'll bother going to another place.


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In reflection, I know this is going to be a problem for me. I'm so afraid that whatever I might say is not going to be properly interpreted that I'm apt to not say anything. There is a therapist I should visit next week, but I know if he asks me if I've had suicidal thoughts I can't say yes. If I do, he'll lock me up. In a previous session last year he asked, and at the time I was in a better place and could be honest. But after that, he asked if I had guns in my house.

I think the value of SF is that we can be anonymous and therefore more honest.
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