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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by late, Jun 28, 2014.

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  1. late

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    I wanted to share this for those who DONT report sexual assaults. Silence worsens things for past and future victems and only serves to support abusers.

    In my town a guy who was in a possition of trust was accused, charged and this lead to a slew of other people coming forward and saying that yes he was responsible. His professional body revoked his practice and he will never be able to work in that field again because this is a small enough place that people won't forget.

    By staying quiet their cycle of picking someone out, assaulting them, and moving on is unchanged. I emplore you to speak because even ic you don't win they'll have to answer some hard questions and may rethink thier opportunistic ways.
  2. Twocky61

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    Very good point Late though both my gf Claire & myself who were both sexually abused (before we knew each other many years apart) never reported our abuse as we felt we would not be believed & had no wish to relive it through the judiciary process. Of course in my case my perpetuator could well have gone on to prey on more victims whereas in Claire's case it was her husband who she loved & he supposedly loved her but of course he did not as he saw her as his own personal sex toy.

    But yes I agree with you Late we should all report it but of course it is not as simple as that
  3. late

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    I never meant to say its easy, but I wanted to tell this story so people would see the longer game that can play out. The idea of talking to the police or a judge is frightening but It took one person making that call to stop someone who had been abusing others for years. I am thankful that they did.
  4. Petal

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    I totally agree with you. It took me 9 years to speak out properly, sadly justice didn't follow, there was a lack of evidence. Not speaking out gives them power, power over you and power over other future victims. I spoke out when I realised it was the right thing to do and the right time for me.
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