Eventual Hell

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    lonliness inside, the pain swells so big
    you look around you, so many
    however many though, none of them get it.
    Push them all away, you dont want their sympathy.

    Anger inside, just Let me alone to be,
    push them all away with force, do what you must,
    why dont you understand, just leave me!
    I dont want you hurt while im out for blood.

    Pain again when i hurt you, i feel so bad now
    self hatred for myself, pain i deserve
    Sad and embarassed, talking to you i cannot now.
    Besides- the pain i created i must self serve.

    A small flower blooms in the middle of the hurt,
    stupid enough to let a smile light up,
    more pain i get, i get what i deserve
    but how stupid i was, stupid little fuck.

    Right back where i started, lonliness inside.
    Nobody to talk to, all pushed away.
    At least from your damn pity i dont have to hide.
    For i only deserve strong emotion of hatred.

    I cant let anyone in anymore
    if i do you hurt me, or i hurt you.
    The pain is always rubbing on the old sore,
    so nobody i can trust, not even you.

    im sorry if i hurt you, im sorry for being an ass,
    and sorry if i hurt even a flower, i deserve no love.
    Now the pain i have earned, i get at last,
    Comfort to you that when i die i will never go above.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.