Ever dreamt to be eaten alive? (triggering...?)

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by Terra, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I have absolutely no idea what this dream meant, do you have any explanations?

    I usually have weird dreams, can't hide it, but this is the first one with absolute panick...

    me and some other people where going to salvage a shipwreck that carried a treasure, as we were entering the ship from the dock a ghostly looking boy tugged my shirt and said "don't go", he was very grey'ish pale and seemed completely dead/zombie like in the eyes. I still went abord the ship. When we came to the spot for diving a old old wooden sailboat crashed into us and several ghostly people jumped on our boat and started slaying people, then another boat, this time with werewolves also came and did the same. I was hiding in a narrow space on the boat (and this is where the fear got real). I've never been so afraid in my real life and all I could see was the shadows of people being cut down by the ghosts or eaten by the werewolves.
    I tried to sneak away, but was caught. a werewolf bit into my side and I could feel the pain and see my intestines flowing, then he continued with my arm.

    this is about it for the scary part.. halfway into getting eaten, I suddenly saw everything out of the eyes of the werewolf, I was now looking at my own corpse.. My hands were that of the wolf and as I looked up we where now on dry land and the survivors where taken as slaves. I tried saving some but only managed to save one (mainly because I was in the body of a werewolf, so only an elderly man would listen to me). I don't feel the rest of the dream is important (alot of running and realize the military was in on the whole thing...) also in the beginning, how I first met the boy; as we entered the dock he pulled me aside, opened a hangar door and showed me that he had knitted a 4stories tall purple llama.. the first thought that came to my mind after I woke up; "Fuck I wanna knit a 4 stories tal Giraffe"...)

    and ye, I have an absolute fear of water. Titanic for me is scarier than any horror movie, so I would never be on a boat..
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