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Ever felt like nobody's gonna really love you?


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I've had very bad luck when dating people, because usually i never get a second date. The few times i did, it all ended up going nowhere cause the other person simply didnt care about me anymore.

They either block me or simply dont talk to me anymore afterwards, even if they said they liked me, or wanted to see me again sometime, or were starting to feel something for me.

At first it hurt me really deep because, you know, who doesnt like the idea of finding a special someone who loves you and wants to spend their time with you? Well, appaprently life's been pretty clear with me and has showed me that no one can love me. I've accepted that after many, many tears and heartbroken phases. I know im not the perfect person or anything, but i used to think that i was not "that bad" for people to simply dump me after telling me they liked or loved me.

Maybe its's actually me, and i simply have nothing of value to offer, or im simply worthless and people notice it right away, but never have the guts to tell that to my face.

Today i simply feel like no one can love me at all, so i quit dating and refused to get involved in a more personal aspect with someone, cause i fear they will dump me or lie to me in the end.

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Sometimes I feel that way because no one has ever stuck it out with me for the long run. I usually just get dumped and they disappear. So it makes me wonder why I should bother opening up my heart to anyone. I definitely understand how you feel, and I'm sorry you're feeling this way.


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I have never heard the word loved applied to me by anybody that was not family, never in a romantic way. Then you add that I can never and have never been able to say such to another. I simply don't believe in love but I am also highly restricted on feeling emotion in the first place.


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Yes in answer to the topic question, in terms of romantic love for sure. Haven't had many relationships anyway but the few I've had were never very long overall and the guys were all kinda clueless about how to really express appreciation for me, let alone anything deeper than that (like love). I have a hard time expressing things sometimes as well so I've considered that perhaps I have just attracted guys that could sense that somehow about me or something. When there is a high level of sadness and/or fear in a person then it can make it confusing to open up to a person about your own experiences and also your feelings for the other person. It is extremely important to express those though and when that is missing then even if people can't put it into words that can often be what causes them to no longer want to be with the other person. It's a very complicated thing since it's 2 people's energies coming together and it's definitely very glamorized in a lot of stories and songs. There are nice parts of it of course but it also takes a lot of work and dedication to make a relationship work, sometimes it's more than at other times.

Anyway I've recently realized that I think there's pretty equal benefits whether you are in a relationship with another person or on your own. If you are going to join your own precious life energy with another person then it's vitally important that you both be enhancing each others lives and making them better. If that isn't the case at least most of the time then it's better to just have your own energy connecting to the pure energy of life and love itself instead. The less a person gets wrapped up in what others reactions to them might or might not be (whether that's in terms of personality or looks) the better off they are I think. It takes a lot of strength, dedication and focus to do that sometimes but it is VERY worth it imo.

I'm sorry you haven't had good experiences with the people you've met with but please don't ever take that to mean there is something wrong with you or that you don't have a high value and/or worth. Those things are just not true at all, there is nothing wrong with you and you are a very valuable and worthy person in this world. The more you are able to believe that about yourself without needing others to validate it the stronger you will be. I know it is easier said than done and it is what I am working on as much as I can every day as well. I wish you lots of luck with that and everything else :)

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