Ever felt like your life was over?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Skillsthatkills, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Well i am feeling so. This weekend i did my second fuck up on a motorcycle.
    Drove under the influence and was confronted with it by 2 paramedics, i beated them up. And cops was called, i ended up in jail.
    And now my motorcycle license is taken away from me. Aswell as 2 years extra til i can get car license. I mean, i had looked forward for car license for years now. And it's only weeks away from me, then this happends...

    I was totally wasted and wasn't myself when these things occured.
    My mother thinks i have psychical problems due to this. And trys to get me in a mental disorder hospital. And trying to get me to psychiatrists.
    I mean, c'mon. Like i ain't suffering enough right now?

    Anyone felt like this?
    I am considering to make an end to it all.
    Anyone got some experience with hanging they would like to share?
  2. peter simon

    peter simon New Member

    Hang in there.

    Its sucks now but you'll get over it. 2 years goes fast. I had alot of freinds here and there that lost their liscences. It sucks at first but you learn to adapt. Consider yourself lucky, my brother in law is is your basic never done anything wrong kind of kid, got drunk one night and decided to drive 2 of his friends home. He lost control and one of them didn't make it. I was afraid for a while that he would kill himself over the grief but he hung in there. He's better now and learned to deal with it.

    As time passes the emotional after effect can heal if people stop punishing themselves.
  3. yursomedicated

    yursomedicated Chat & Forum Buddy

    I feel the same way. But, two years will go by really fast. I felt like I'm just starting highschool, but it's my senior year. They went fast. Now you learned to maybe not get so drunk or high. I'm not sure which influence you were under. I've also been to the psych ward. It's not fun. Just hang in there, and everything will be ok.

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    when one drinks, they create self inflicted suffering. being wasted when "IT" happened is the common excuse. unfortunitly we still have to suffer the concequences of our actions. being able to accept that ... takes alot.
    maybe what you should do, is work on not drinking first.
    having been there before ... that initself takes alot.
  5. -Chris-

    -Chris- Member

    It wouldn't be so bad for you to see psyche doctor right now, maybe your moms is right. It could end up helping you in more ways than you think. First of all, it can't hurt, and since everyone goes through highs and lows it might help you deal with those low points we all struggle with.

    But right now, since you messed up and got that DUI accident, you will probably end up in court soon, and getting some help might show the judge that you are trying to straighten things up.
  6. It's not the license part that depress me right now. I got over that after a few hours.
    It's just that my mom tries to fuck me over by trying to get me sound like the weirdo in the family when in fact shes the one causing the most problems for me. Shes an alcoholic and hasn't seen it herself. Each time she drinks she gets harsh, Same goes for my dad.

    But my dad doesn't try to involve too much in my life. Which i think is great, He atleast got brain enough to figure that i'm getting old enough to live my own life without his involvement. I wish my mom could adapt to these times we're living in...
  7. -Chris-

    -Chris- Member

    Another way to look at it Skills, is that maybe if you sought out some treatment, it might push your folks to start dealing with their issues too. Your family issues will definitely come up, especially since it sounds like it's a big factor in your situation. The doctor may even want to involve your mom and/or dad too. So in the end, it might end up helping them, and if it did that it could make life easier on you.

    I'm not judging you at all bro, I know it might sound that way. Believe me, my family is pretty jacked up themselves. Just trying to offer some help. Maybe you could even ask your mom to go get some treatment with you. Either way though, I hope it all works out ok for you.
  8. allison

    allison Well-Known Member

    There's nothing wrong with seeing a psychiatrist. I know people sort of have a stigma against that type of thing, and sometimes I'm afraid that someone might send me to a regular shrink, but it's truly the only rational, sensible thing to do. I may not know exactly what you're going through since no one's said I shoud see a psychiatrist, but I think this is a good opportunity for you to get a better handle on life.

    I'm kind of envious of you since my parents don't really see mental health problems as a huge concern and don't really believe in psychiatrists. They believe family is a good enough support system, even though it really isn't (at least not for me). Also they'd be embarrassed if one of their kids had to go see a shrink, since they're all about image.

    For now just try to think of how much your mom cares to send you to a psychiatrist. Don't think that it'll make you weird, since lots of people go to therapy and counseling, which is almost like seeing a shrink. You'll learn how to deal with things a little better, and you'll get help with what to do in your life. It may turn out to be all for the better.
  9. Been visiting a psychiatrist before. I'm not afraid of what people think about it or w.e. But the thing is i know theres nothing wrong with my mental health. That's why i'm not going there anymore, It just drives me insane that my mother isn't capable of understanding these facts..
  10. -Chris-

    -Chris- Member

    I'll pass along what some others here told me. Maybe instead of trying to talk to your mom about what's going on with you, try writing it down and giving it to her instead. She may be overbearing right now, but it does seem like she still cares enough to get involved.

    I've been a parent for many years myself, just had my first grandkid last year. Sometimes it's really hard to see my kids point of view as I've been through what they are struggling with myself. Because of that it can be hard to communicate without getting upset. When I was younger I swore I wouldn't be that way since I hated that about my mom. I honestly try not to be that way, but seriously, it just ain't that easy. So I think if one of my kids were to write down their point of view it might help me to look at it differently. Or at least I'd really know where they are coming from, a lot of times that's part of the problem. Speaking as a parent, we really do mean well, even though it might not seem that way when we're out of freakin' control.
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