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ever forgotten your native language?

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have you?
i mean i speak german every day since i live in germany but sometimes someone will talk to me and i wont understand a word theyre saying. everyone i tell this, laughes at me and i understand why. i feel demented :lost:

am I alive

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I almost don't speak my language at all, beside a few words with my mother so I guess I will forget to speak it at all. I spend most of time on the internet and in my room and mostly use english which also sucks:)
i'm english- but believe it or not, i'm actually more americanised.

for some unknown reason, i always use american terms.. because i always forget what to say in english- and it anoys me.. i'm from england born and bred yet i can't do something as simple as speak my language!


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i had blood tests before but there was never anything unusual. and i never told a doctor about this but i think i might.
sometimes i forget german words and have to explain what i mean in english but thats probably more common than forgetting your native language all together lol
i didnt know there was such a big diffrence between american english and british english, besides the pronunciation


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hey i also am forgetting my native language, i spend all my communication time on line in American English and yeah sometimes talking in my native language i realize it takes me more time to remember a word even though i know it in English
As I grew up, I learnt Welsh, my native language. I left Wales at 16 and moved to Kent. Soon, I could not even remember the basics of my language. Strangely enough, when I was drunk, I would only speak in Welsh - good reason to start drinking again I think


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I think this is dissociation or brain damage...I have one of the two for sure. It's not really forgetting it's like the language suddenly seems alien like, like the person is speaking gibberish, if that's what you mean. If you mean simply forgetting, I didn't speak one of my languages for 9 years and eventually forgot it almost completely. It was my near native tongue.


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It's not really forgetting it's like the language suddenly seems alien like, like the person is speaking gibberish, if that's what you mean.
yeah that is what i mean. i will not understand a word someone is saying from one moment to the other. i think the titel should have been 'do you ever forget the language you speak everyday'.
im glad to see im not alone on this, but sorry that you have the same going on.
this is happening to me lately in the past two years because I worked online and most of the time I speak/write english....

Sometimes I do have that "demented" feeling speaking my language but I understand what people are saying most of the time....... :smile:
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