Ever get that feeling?

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    Ever get that excited feeling? You know the one where you start shaking uncontorably and people just stare at you and some ask you what's wrong? I get that but it's not because I'm excited. I'm crazy, or THEY tell me that. I shake and shake I'm so angry, I just want to smash my head into a wall until I die, or get hit by a moving car. I've imagined my death before, you know. It's not very peaceful, I don't want to die peacefully I want to die of I feel every day... Broken, that's why a car would work. Oh I'm accused of being on drugs, perfect, THEY think I am, it's just that I'm sick I mean actually sick, n may have a broken rib n may have a pinched nerve in my leg... It don't matter tho I don't know what to do to help myself without them knowing... I need help! Can anyone give me answers on how to get better without THEM knowing?
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    I had that because I could never relax, but also because I had a thryroid disorder...please speak to your MD about this and make sure there is nothing physical contributing to this reaction...and who are 'them', and why do they count more than you?
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    Thing is I can't get there, they, the People I live with won't take me to thesoctors, I mean I have medical issues and tons of pain physical more or less, but I can't get there. Anything else? N the thing is I care I care to much for them, for everyone, I put everyone before me. I'm not a coward it's just I have no where else to go and I don't want to mess this up, as is I'm trying my best to do everything they want. It just seem to be working tho, that's why they count more the me... I'm nothing but a waste to my own family