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Ever had your life saved by a pet's love?

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I was pretty rough last night. I came pretty close to just ending it, but right when things felt the worst, my kitten (well, not quite a kitten anymore) was unreasonably affectionate and loving. It cheered me up enough to smile and go to sleep soundly. I was just curious if anybody else has had this happen, or if you have/keep pets to help you with your depression.
My parents have 3 cats - one of the reasons I'm always willing to house-sit when they're holidaying - as now - is that the cats always show me love and cheer me up - they just love fuss!

As Stevie Wonder said - Love's in need of love today...
My cat always makes me smile. And actually when I feel most suicidal is when he loves me up! :P I think they know somehow :) Trying to save their owners in their own way.

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Yes. As strange as it might sound, my dog is the only reason I'm here today. Some time ago (recently... actually...) I came very close to it. Almost did it. Then, here comes my little Corgi mutt. I take one look in her eyes. Just one and know that I can't do it. Needless to say, I didn't.

I'm glad your cat is able to help you in the way that my dog helps me. Sometimes, all it takes is one look from someone you love - be they human or animal.


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My therapist talked me into getting a dog.. She said it would help me to learn to love again.. For the first 30 days I kept asking myself why did I do this.. Then after that he grew on me..Now he is my partner..He's not overly affectionit but loves to rough house..I gave up makeing my bed because he would have it all messed up again in thirty minutes..So yes my dog helps me to keep sane..
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