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Ever want to be alone.

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Sorry, should have a question mark there^.

Anyway, REALLY REALLY ALONE. As in: I do not know a single soul on this planet. Then, maybe I could feel that the world has stopped enough for me to get my act and mental state back together, or maybe together for the first time. And then, just perhaps, i could figure myself out a bit. Just a bit would really really help, I'm sure.

It seems this world is too small for me. I took a walk today, and i saw many people I knew. yeah, it sounds like this would be a good thing. BUT I WANT TO BE ALONE. Some of them probably think I'm crazy. Well, actually i'm sure one must. Then again, I think I may have photographic memory. Is it normal to remember every time you see someone? Say, someone from work or class, and then if you saw them on a bus, or in a store, would you lock that into your brain forever.

Point is I want the world to be full of complete strangers. Is this waht they call baggage? If it is, then I must have loads. I just feel that the everybody is one degree of separation away from everyone else I've ever known. Like the world is claustrophobic. Is it normal for them all to talk about me?
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I know exactly how you feel... i just went for a walk to have time to think and sort out stuff in my head and i kept seeing people i knew or people who knew people i know - and then i'd get off track in my head - so distracting. Here i am trying to delve deep into my mind and i keep being dragged out by reality.

The only time i've managed to really have the sense of being alone was when i was travelling in foreign countries by myself where no one spoke english... then there were times when i would have done ANYTHING to see someone i even knew the slightest!

You just can't win...


I spent most of my life worrying about what other people were thinking about me. Then I realized they were too busy worrying about what people were thinking about themselves to even give me the time of day. :smile:


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Yeah I get that feeling a lot. Especially when people of whom I do not like are around me. I just wish to be alone sometimes as well. Even though I curse my loneliness.

So it is not unusual to want to be alone. I am like you I can only take so much social contact before I want solitude.


It always seems that when you want to be alone thats when friends and family seem to pop up :) Everybody needs to be alone to gather their thoughts etc.
Realization from last night's walk... it's hard to be "alone" in a city full of memories - where every street or corner reminds you of something or someone. At least you can sometimes avoid people...


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I am not really a "people person"..........but I have found I need to relate to folk sometimes just so I don't forget how to. A lot of my behaviour, mostly relating to "right and wrong" stuff, is learned and sometimes I do forget to think or can't work out whether something is acceptable or not before speaking / acting.......with "hilarious results" :unsure:

I managed the "Being alone" for a good few years on and off by taking very extended holidays in far away places where I didn't even speak the lingo - of course the old saying that you can't run away from yourself is of course true...........plus me being me resulted in my ending up adding to my plate of stuff to deal with.........plus I had a very good go at self destruction in an enviroment where I was not restricted by any rules, only a minimal worry about any of the "right and wrong" stuff or restrained by anything I did impacting on my "real" life.........Still, got some good holiday snaps :mellow:

Sorry, this was meant to be a reply and it ended up being a "me me me" post........oh well :sad:
I do understand what you mean. There are times I wish I lived so far away I woiuld not have to see or hear another soul anywhere around. I do not want to have to have anything to do with people whatsoever. There are other times I wish to welcome them and could surround myself with as many as I could. I don't think what you are feeling is unnatural if it is an occasional thing. If it is the way you feel at all times, then yes, you may have a social disorder. Maybe talk to someone about it.


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you should consider yourself lucky that you have people you know and can talk to. Whenever i go out i never know anyone and it hurts so much to see everyone else hanging out with others and having fun. Seriously, at least you have a choice between social contact or isolation.
But, i also know what you mean about wanting to be alone. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just be by yourself with your thoughts.
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I got here late :ohmy: sorry hun. But, I was wondering if you were feeling any better. Also, I wanted to tell you that you can message me anytime, I really enjoyed our last convo on MSN. Don't be a stranger. :biggrin: :wink: :hug:
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