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    Ever wondered how it feels..
    - When you love him [but you don't like him, ok, confusing I know] to death... and even tho he thinks you're worthless you still love him?
    - When you're willing to do anything and give up everything just to make sure that he's safe and happy?
    - When your life is like a worthless and aimless life without him, and it's all your fault?
    - When you've attempted cutting for countless times but you can't be a cutter because of a promise?
    - When he walks past you like you don't even exist, you try to ignore him, but then turn around and cry?
    - When you have to stop yourself from crying everytime you see him?
    - When you hope that your life's a dream so that once you wake up everything'd be ok?
    - When you want him and need him but he's not there?
    - When you never told him that you loved him, but wishing that you had?
    - When you cry every single night...
    - When you miss him every single second...
    - When you'd do anything to help him but you can't..
    - When you're giving up your life goals for something that's never gonna happen...
    - When you love him so much... when he's all you can think about.. when you're just obsessed..... but he thinks that you're just *screwed*..?
    - When you try to help him, but he swears whenever anyone mentions your name?
    - When you blame yourself for anything and everything that goes wrong...?
    - When one smile from him would be worth more than anything..when one hug from him would be enough to keep you happy for the rest of your lifetime..?

    xx I love you Niko.. always and forever..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.