Every Day Is Exactly The Same

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This is how my life feels. Nothing changes. My life is empty and pointless. I know it is partly my fault. I don't do anything to change it, but I have no energy and no motivation and I would only fail anyway.
My best friend has a new friend and I'm glad for her, but she has forgotten her old friends. If I try to talk to her, she changes the subject so it's about her. She just talks about all the fun she has with her new friend or I listen to her problems, but she doesn't have time for mine. I didn't even call her on her birthday, which I always do, I just didn't want to here about how much fun she is having. My birthday, which she forgot, I was off work, but I watched her kids for her. I don't drink or party so I am no fun. Even the few friends I have don't want to be my friend.
Anyway I really need something good to happen as we all do here, but that is unlikely. I just can't wait for it to be all over. My cat is dying and I wish I could trade places with him. I can't save him and I can't save myself either.
I just feel so alone and empty. Usually, I want to be alone, but lately I just feel lonely, but no one wants to talk to me. So if you are ever lonely and don't have anyone better to talk to feel free to pm me or add me to your msn.
Sorry for all the self pity. I didn't get much sleep. I'm hoping that by writing this, I won't fall as deep into the depression. Have to get ready for work.
Thanks for listening.

i believe i can see the future
because i repeat the same routine
i think i used to have a purpose
then again that might have been a dream
i think i used to have a voice
now i never make a sound
and i just do what i have been told
i really don't want them to come around
oh no...

every day is exactly the same
there is no love here and there is no pain
every day is exactly the same

i can feel their eyes are watching
in case i lose myself again
sometimes i think i'm happy here
sometimes... yeah, i still pretend
i cannot remember how this got started
oh... but i can tell you exactly how it will end

Every Day Is Exactly The Same - NIN
Well if that is how your "friend" wants to be then she's not a true friend anyway. I dont think you need her. You're probably better off without someone whom acts that way. But if you need anyone to talk to you can PM me anytime. As long as you're here,you will always have some "true" friends. Friends that will be there for YOU when YOU need help. Not just talk about themselves and ask for your help but never show concern for you. We are always here.
Hey wow you know how muh i can relate to this song? Its like i could hve written it - it explains my life fully.
It sounds like your betetr off without this friend. Would you like to message me about this? Im here as i have some stuff to add and things to it. Mesage me if you want to talk. =)


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Thanks for the replies. It always helps to know someone is listening and I'm happy to listen to you, also.
We have been friends for years, so it's not so easy to just let go. Plus I would really miss the kids if we quit being friends. She's not always so self centered and she is like this with other people too not just me, which has always annoyed me.
Thanks again. You both are really nice.
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