Every day is so hard

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Sorry, I've started several threads over the last week. I'm just having a particularly hard time staying alive right now. It seems like it's all I can do to get out of bed, breathe in and out, and put one foot in front of the other. I just feel like giving up. Sometimes I wonder why I keep trying. I guess I do it for my kids and my husband. I love them, I wouldn't want them to suffer. It's just so painful to live. I am just in absolute agony inside most of the time. I wish that I could get rid of the pain without having to die. I just don't know what the answer is. I'm sorry I'm posting a lot. Hopefully, I will pull out of this and I won't need so much support. Right now though, I desperately need support--I just feel so alone--I feel scared. It helps me to come here and talk to people who know how I feel and don't judge me for it. Thanks to all of you--You are good friends.


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Why are you feeling so bad? What is it that makes living so painful for you? It sounds like you have a lot to live for.

Im glad to hear youre finding support here. We are all here to help eachother through the difficult times <3


I am sorry to hear that things are so hard for you right now. You have no reason to feel guity about starting threads. Just knowing that there are other people out there that are in a similar boat to you is strengthening. We are all here to support and help each other. If there is anything i can do for you please PM me. Stay Safe.
Bethany :smile:


I guess I do it for my kids and my husband. I love them, I wouldn't want them to suffer
I´m new in this forum and don´t now your problems, but having kids and a husband who love you seems like a pretty good reason to keep trying.
Hold on there, things would get better.
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