every hour i become more sure.

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  1. If only i could score the heroine right now. Then, maybe I could OD now instead of waiting for people's kindly deceit to take a hold of me. I can't wait to be away fron this disgusting evil place with the selfish human race. Reading my suicide note helps me keep my nerves but its honestly starting not to matter whether or not I go painlessly. Im gonna keep my promise. My mother said a long time ago if im gonna commit suicide don't do it in her house. I plan to do it in a park a sunny place I like.
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    You go to hospital you call crisis line and you keep fighting because hun the world is not all selfish there is kindness to be found look right infront of you here so many people reaching out to support each other hun hold on ok you do not know who will come into your life to change it hugs