every morning, getting better

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    coffee stain on my table
    reminder of every morning
    I think I'm able
    I think I'm stable

    to awake with enthusium
    each day grows brighter
    inner light glowing
    no stars showing

    I think i'll be okay
    each day brings joy and delight
    something I thought I'd never find
    my mind is sound

    all my hard work paid off
    I'm still not the hero
    written in stories and books

    no I'm not perfect
    but I accepted me
    as I am perfectly unperfect

    some days that are good enough
    maybe not in the eyes of others
    but for the most part I'm okay being me

    together in sync
    my heart sings
    I know now I care
    tho it doesn't seem so

    too much tough love given out
    around the edges I am rough
    tough and tumble

    insensitive they call me
    too sensitive I thought I might be
    like a tang, I found perfect balance

    can't care too much
    but can't care too little
    I cry for others
    but I don't forget myself

    sometimes you need to be firm with others
    otherwise they will take you for all you got
    I keep my treasures on lock down
    no one makes a sound when I speak

    ( felt like this before, not so much anymore)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.