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Every other day depression is real!

So yesterday, I got up, went to work, ate relatively healthy, enjoyed my job, thought about buying new clothes, etc. Today, I have awoken with a true sense of doom and gloom.....ready to call it quits. I could ‘feel it’ as I struggled to get out of bed. I did contact my dr the other day who upped my medicine.
Has anyone ever experienced this? It is so very real for me lately. Maybe it could be considered an improvement to some degree but I just do know. I am going to have to start planning my life around it and it sucks,
Thank you,


Absolute Peach!
I've certainly experienced this. I can be stable one day, but at a total loss the next. I also can change mid-day, sometimes for no reason. My mind flips the switch. It feels frustrating to finally have one good day, and then for all of it to just stop like that, back to the depression.

Sending hugs, I hope you're okay. You're not alone in that.



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Yes I feel that way too. Whenever I feel a 'down', I tell myself that things will look up again. I then try to minimise going out/ socialising that day and focus on doing things that I enjoy like playing games, watch TV or something that would distract me for all that depression.

Legate Lanius

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Yeah, it really keeps you on your toes. I'm guessing that this happens if you don't reproduce and have many successful offspring. The DNA cares about replicating, and replicating alone. Our mental health is priority #BIGCHUNGUS9 and we are FUCKED.

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