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Every Sunday makes me wanna kill myself.

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Every Sunday makes me wanna kill myself. Seriously, it's the day of the week when I realize that my life has no purpose and I have close to no friends, and those I have I don't wanna spend time with. I'm so weird. Why can't I enjoy this life I've got? Something many view as a gift. I don't understand why I have to be here anymore, everything feels like a waste.

Sorry for being negative, it's just me..


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No it's not. We should be all satisfied and fine, I mean this is fucking 2011!!!! Just have you notice...??

I have the same feelings but I am still alive by cause I actually don't have the strength to have it done anymore... :'(
Do I want to live I dont know, but I know I want help and someone to talk to, this is serious if someone, anyone is feeling weak and have those thoughts of killing itself. Please listen to us, I have yelled in front of people in my town and bigger towns for my survival, police and psych team right to hell is the reward for being human. This is SICK, we are not sick, listen, listen to us.

I think our generation is a weak and it can only mean death for us if we dont show them we can make it, we are no crybabies, am I right?

I hope you got the life that you wanted, do not die for THEM, they are animals! They just give and take, more than you could ever accomplished in a whole lifetime. They have just destroyed my life and threating me like I am 'the bad-guy' in this drama. Sick, sick, sick. Therefore I am been a loner, no one wants to ever talk to me anymore, this psychiatric shit is killing me I wish I was somebody else, there's no future in believing just black and that sucks.

I'm sorry I'm fucked up in head talking about myself to much, but it is kinda happen and it will be the understanding what I have been through. I'm not gonna shut up this time like they are doing at the ward, "go to your room and behave!", this is making me angry and sad for patients, are we humans or a piece of dust? I think either... SIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!!

Miu, please dont go the bad way and you're stuck.

morning rush

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I feel the same way but every night...I have no friends, nothing but my mom to visit me...so I'm alone most of the time...and lately I've been crying every night for no reason, and I'm in pain in my chest...I wonder why I'm alive often since technically I'm only a waste of space really...

wish I had the right words to help you...and me....maybe one day it will make sense...I hope so...


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I'm so busy with school and everything else so I rarely let myself sit down and feel how I'm really doing, except Sundays. no one is alive on Sundays, I mean seriously, they are fucking depressing, they let me think about everything that I thought I'd forgotten. one more Sunday and I'm gonna relapse self harming..
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