Everyday living in PAIN

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    Its been a year since my dad left me for heaven .

    i have a cousin who is around 30 years old. Ever since my dad pass away he always ask me to help him to pay his motorbike installment , lottery and

    he will pass me back my money few days later

    But today i missed the timing to buy his lottery he called me and i lied him that i threw away the ticket since it did not win any prize but he demanded that he wanted to see the ticket in a threaten tone

    please give advice me i don't want to be his puppet forever helping him to do his stuff.

    i don't really want to do the extra miles every time to help him its tiring for me

    if only my dad was here to defend me i have no one to depend on
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    I'm sorry about your dad. :( I don't know anything about your situation but is it possible for you to tell your cousin you are unable to help him anymore? It sounds like he's not a very nice guy. Does he live with you or see you often? And is there anyone else how can help you deal with the conflict, like an aunt or uncle?
  3. SadLife

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    He sees me often he live nearby my house

    I am scare that he will beat the crap out of me

    and there's no uncle or aunt is able to help me with the conflict
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