everyone has shitty taste in music but me.

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  1. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    yep. not at all a serious thread, it's just the way i feel quite a bit. at my school i'm surrounded by "gangsters" who think "real rap" is stuff like lil wayne, gorilla zoe, etc. i'm surrounded my metal heads that think "ZOMG!!!1111 TRIVIUM IS SOOOO FUCKIN HARDDD1!!111 METALLICZZZAAA!!111" and worst of all i'm surrounded by people that think whatever on the radio is wonderful. why am i the only person that has a decent taste in music? better yet, am i the only person? i find it hard to believe that out of ALL the people in there, no one likes what i like or even has a respectable taste. it's ridiculous really.

    i also can't stand when people are all like "yeah music is definitely my life" and their music taste sucks dick, when what these people are listening to is 90% of what's on the radio. it's ridiculous!! how can you say music is your life as if you've made an effort to pursue your musical tastes when you haven't tried listening to anything but the radio? i mean REALLY.
  2. CPessimist

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    what kinda music do you like?
  3. Tray

    Tray Well-Known Member

    i think your being a little extreme. No one is gonna have your taste in music. Sorry.

    Everyone is allowed to listen to what they want and have fun. Relax. How does this bother you. If you really love music you would know this.

    Anywayss.. what kind of music do you listen to. If you want to talk about music im here.
  4. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Agreed. We need to know what you like so we can recommend further artists and discuss other bands that you might enjoy.
  5. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    you're takin it a bit too seriously. take this thread with a grain of salt, i wasn't seriously saying that i'm the only person with good taste in music, i was talking mostly about my school. if someone wants to listen to the garbage on the radio, they have very right to. it's just a bit annoying when they think that they are sooo into music because of it. anyone can listen to whatever they want, but i think 99% of the stuff on the radio is shit... no technicality, no talent, just same rehashed BS over and over. i listen to basically everything... i like mostly heavy metal, some hip hop, country if i'm in the mood, and some rock. i'll throw a short list here...

    death, nevermore, aerosmith, atheist, megadeth, gama bomb, mortification, extol, jack slater, suicidal tendencies, m.o.p, jedi mind tricks, mc chris, blackalicious, salter cane, some keith urban, some nine inch nails, etc. lots more but i don't feel like listing anymore.

    if you really loved music you'd realize what's on the radio shouldn't even be called music cuz it sucks hardcore. i'd love to know what you listen to.
  6. Tray

    Tray Well-Known Member

    the music on the radio isnt all bad. Mostly what i would consider " popular music". If thats ur taste in music then you found a gold mine and well. Cant hate you for liking what you like.

    I listen too rock , rap, r&b , techno, reggae ... mostly anything depending on the mood.

    Certain groups i like...

    Lamb of god
    arche enemy
    Boa (the uk band not the kpop girl)
    Guano Apes
    olp ( oh man who put that on the list??)
    Method Man
    Three Six Mafia
    Some of EZE's stuff
    Bone Thugs
    tum tum
    Beenie Man
    Damian Marley
    byron lee
    collie budz
    JUDY AND MARY (uhhhhh.... dont have an excuse for that one)
    chara (dont judge me.. it made the list.. )

    ok i give up. this is just.. uhh.. some of the stuff i like to give you an idea of my tastes. But to be true i pretty much like it all. I got a lot a lot of music and its hard to just pick out such a smal group of my favorites. It all depends on my mood.
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  7. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Everyone had there own favs.

    Moody Blues

    Pink Floyd


    Just give me all of ther albums and a nice sound system , then send me to an Island that has some fruit and fish. Oh, wait, I need a nice Island woman or two. come back in a year
  8. Rose24

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    I don't listen to any music - well recently anyway. I am totally disconnected from the real world, I would love so recommendations.
  9. Hurted

    Hurted Well-Known Member

    Metallica is a great band, and if you don't agree, then you don't know anything about rock/metal... Listen to their Mater of Puppets album. :)

    I agree that too many people listen to the stupid repetetive music on radio, but if they like it, they have the right to listen to it. :)
  10. poison

    poison Well-Known Member

    of course, metallica had great albums.. in fact, their first 5 albums were great, and i even liked a few songs off load and reload. they're just the flash of the metal scene... everyone knows metallica, even people who don't like metal. and yeah... i already said that they have every right to listen to it... this thread wasn't "debate whether or not people have the right to listen to bad music" it was more along the lines of "lots of people listen to bad music and i'm curious as to why."

    tray: yeah you've got pretty good taste as far as i'm concerned.