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Everyone has the right to view the basics of your trial.

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by justMe7, Nov 28, 2013.

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  1. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    No. This is not a public spectacle. And don't give me the idealogical arguments. A huge portion of society rings off of public shame and humiliation. This is a ugly fact. Btw how long do you think it will before they errode this law to blur and distort voices of the victims or witnesses so we can hear the "REALTIME" situation unfold.
    Screw that part, we get to hear all the nitty gritty details with easy access? Sounds great...
    I can think of a few more social issues that should be addressed before this bullshit of social mentality education is introduced.


    We lost our true privacy around 10-15 years ago in my opinion. You're fucking guilty or pleading for your life if you make it into the courts eye. SOCIETY has a dominate angry mob mentality. You guys might not give a shit about people on trial or who are trying to appeal a court decision or whatever..

    Such a bad idea. I know they're doing it in America.. and I bet 99% of you guys are all honest working ect.. But this is a very disturbing method of indirect punishment in itself. Freaken judges seeing people proxied through a camera, now this...

    Please subject me to this indirect deterrant mentality. Fucking world now it's not just taking on the law, it's emphasising taking on the whole society even more. Atleast it was more low keyed..
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    It's a wonder they don't bring back public hangings and be done with it.
  3. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

  4. Raven

    Raven Guest

    But we can make cash filming this, you damn serfs bow before the almighty dollar.
  5. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know... what can you do...

    Look I get all riled up about this because when I was younger I believed there would have been a more .. understanding and driven force between people in the world. It wouldn't matter between countries or language or skin colour.. it was about people being themselves and making/enforcing a very light but extreamly important set of standards for our existence.

    But the only damn time I see this is when there's a disaster. I see kids being literally screwed over here in the UK. I see previous generations enduring shit and still deamonised, then their children enduring the hardships their parents are going through. I see public accusations and embarassments running all over the place. I see a weak, weak, weak international society that has transitioned from When I was a kid, where we Never used our real names online, and any details were always private, to this "Here take my DNA" mentality and limp attitude to the people who maintain this disception of a international society. Blah.. blah.. blah

    That's my crap. I worry the fuck about all these things because respect and resonsibility are being traded for tools used to enfore and distract people. Or.. Idk. I try not to think about it all but it feels so wrong. I don't feel this is in the best interests of the people involved in any criminal case. I don't feel I need to have access to that sort of information so easily, or in exactly this particular manner. If I did, I'd go sit in the court room. We have to respect the innocent and the guilty. Otherwise who the fuck are we?
    I mean seriously.. we lie. We steal, we use.. we shut down and ignore.. we go with the flow.. I wish they'd stop feeding things that even the people who accept these positions of responsibility seem to always be abusing.
    It drives me fucking nuts. And the technology is NOT new concepts. We dreamt of this stuff when I was a kid. And way before I was even alive. And we all know the sheer possibilities for abuse and misuse. It feels like these understandings are being taught not in prevention, but in learning through experience. I essentially see that we will only do something about it when enough people are caught abusing it that we have to re-affirm right and wrong ways of doing things..
    Let's just avoid what they do to animals and insects, because fuck em, they aren't as "important" as people. The egofucking nature of us is killing my head. Our damn needs and desires for a percieved state of "saftey" and "security" are ..well it feels like we're just acepting looking the other way as we devour some aspect of life just so we can stay afloat in this bullshit existence we have. Now we can Watch other peoples suffering on tv clips.

    IT's not that it's just wrong, it's that it's becoming more mainstream. The mentality is becoming more accepted. It's becoming more and more and more invasive. To me, this is abuse. We will get used to it. Because that's what we do. We get used to anything. But this is Not Something we should get used to..

    And yeah bang me on the head with OJ's trial and such. It was bad then, and it's bad now. But this time, it's a whole new network of social technology injections. ZImmermans trial was apparently "ok". Idk, I think it's a horrible idea.
    But to carry it on. This women has been already convicted. It's her appeal. But she's getting close to "standing" infront of the entire society and letting us hear all about how "good she's been" or her lawyers position ect. Instead of the select few that actually matter in this case. Unless they're hoping for "Public opinion" to help them mediate a "understandable" conclusion. Tbh this shit just sounds more like giving a "voice" for the public, and the public in general frighten the crap out of me.

    Rant rant rant. :) Sorry just venting at this point I suppose.
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  6. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    The thing that worries me about this is its not going to be anonymous even if they don't show victims, defendants and witnesses etc. Imagine you got found not guilty for murder/ rape/ child abuse charges. You may be not guilty in the eyes of the law but you will always be guilty in the eyes of the public. Imagine being witnesses or victims testifying against someone who has contacts in the outside world who will face a whole life of pain and suffering because people will know who they are. Gonna cost us a fortune in police protection and New identitys at this rate.
  7. wyngedbyste

    wyngedbyste Well-Known Member

    This is our current social form of the Roman forum where people fought and were tortured for the amusement of the masses. It's a symptom that the fabric of our society is warped and twisted. Sadly, I don't think it's going to get any better.

  8. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    Wow. I didn't know this. Thanks for sharing!
  9. rigadoog

    rigadoog Active Member

    To the people saying our society is going to shit... i dont disagree, but honestly what makes us any better than the Romans? In 3000 years people havent evolved in any significant way, and they probably arent going to for the next 3000 years. Technology, quality of life, communication, all these things can change, but people still have the same needs and desires as they have had for thousands of years. Societal shaming, discrimination, Us vs. Them mentality, are all things that are going to survive, and they will manifest themselves in ways allowed by the ethics of their society. Don't get me wrong, I hate the way the general public thinks. But society really isn't about "making progress" or acting on the grandiose claims of idealist politicians. It's just a set of rules reflected by the collective values of a specific group of people.
  10. rigadoog

    rigadoog Active Member

    We live in a society where a family with kids has to be checked for lethal weapons before getting on airplane. When we have people mentally disturbed enough to go to an elementary school and kill 5-10 year old students, we don't look for the reason WHY someone would ever want to do this, or how we can actually make people not this fucked up, we just put a god damn security guard outside the school. That makes a lot of sense, because school shootings are always done by people who don't go to that school every day... oh wait, it's almost all students from that same school. So what, exactly is this security guard going to do, when someone who knows where the security guard is every day wants to kill people? You're relying on someone who is probably not very well trained to deal with the situation to protect a building with maybe 1000+ unarmed people, and out-gun someone who knows who and where they are while also trying to protect civilians. It's nothing but a way for ignorant administrators to tell themselves they did all they could.
  11. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    Give it time and im sure the Tories will, for everyone on benefits, the elderly, the working poor, hell anyone earning below 100K a year or anyone they deem to be a drain on resources. The UK sucks so much ass at the moment, and the only way out of it seems to be death
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