Everyone is having a freaking kid except me

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    My cousin had a kid a couple years ago, my husband's friends have kids, and now yesterday i find out even my heroin junkie ex is having a kid. No matter what I do, I never seem to get pregnant and I know it's probably because my periods are irregular which kinds of scares me, so I know i should probably go see a fertility doctor but I'm scared of what the situation might be. But on the other hand, I'm also depressed that I'm the only one I know it seems like who can't make a damn baby
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    Oh, you can trust me when I say I know the feeling. I have always wanted a kid, I have suffered miscarriage and it was cruel :( You have to find the right time to have a kid too. My doctor told me (she's in 40's) she only felt ready to have a baby about 8 years ago, she now has 3 healthy children. I guess she is right, we must be in the right frame of mind too to have a child. Hugs to you, I know how cruel it feels.
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    If your periods are irregular and you are still as thin as you mentioned being a few months ago, then that will not be helping with getting pregnant. Your body has to be ready and if you still use drugs (even sometimes) and otherwise abuse your body then it isn't going to come easy. Start being good to your body and caring for yourself properly - give it proper nutrition and stay away from damaging drugs - be kind to yourself. Be ready. And believe me, much as it may feel that way you are far from being the only person who can't make a baby :hug: