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    I don't get people sometimes. I've seen a few people asking about methods, and people actually responding and giving out methods! I'm so confused. This whole thing is all about being pro-life and keeping people safe. If you're really going to hand someone a freaking method to go kill themselves, then you're not helping at all. You're actually hurting them! I don't care if they asked for it and I don't care how much they want it. They might hate you for a hell of a long time for not letting them die, but in the end they'll thank you, even if they don't say it to you. Even if someone says "This is pro-life, go look for a forum that will let you die." No! Don't freaking go look. If you're here in the first place that means some part of you wants to stay alive, and that's the part you need to hold on to. I've had people tell me I was an annoying pest and that I should go die, and I've believed them, and attempted it. But no one should ever have to go through that! You don't deserve to die just because you can be annoying a bit of the time. You don't deserve to die for having a problem! So hear me out. Stop asking for methods, and stop giving people methods. Stop looking for methods on the internet, too! Get some help. You don't have to go to a hospital, but talk to someone. Hell, talk to me! Just get help, don't let yourself waste away. If you want to die, eventually you'll lose the things around you, and when you get your head back on straight, what will you have? This is my rant, and if you don't agree with me, that's fine. Please don't hate me for it. <3 I hate seeing people hurt, and I hate seeing people pushing them along that dangerous line. It's inhumane to keep animals alive if they're suffering, but we can't talk to animals and do everything for them that we can do for each other. It's inhumane to kill a person. And if you tell someone they should die, or are willing to give them methods, that's as good as making them feel worthless. That's being a bully.
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    Ahh, another person with their whole life ahead of them and wearing their rose colored glasses. Some of us NEED to die!
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    Ya' know. I totally disagree with that. Hell, half the time I want to die, but I know it's the wrong thing to do, and I care too much about certain people to do that. And my glasses are not rose colored, they're perfectly clear, so I can see the world just as it is. A horrible fucking place that we were born into, and it's where we're gonna stay. If someone wants to die, I can't stop them, but I'd sure love to be able to make some impact.
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    Just to reiterate, if methods are found in posts, they'll be edited out. Likewise, if a member is found to be giving out methods, they'll be placed under moderation.
    This forum is pro-life, and, whether members like it or not, that's the way it'll stay.

    It's the very first thing in the rules, in fact:
    If you want to read the full rules, click here.
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    Rules are always broken at one point or another. They can be there, but it doesn't exactly stop the person from doing something they shouldn't. I just don't get why you'd want someone to die, or help them along.
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    The wrong thing to do? By whose standards, yours? So then I guess that makes me wrong in what I belief is best for me. What is better taking my own life, letting others slowly detroy it or letting my cancer kill me? I go for #1 personally. I don't hate you, and everyone is allowed their opinion. But I hate being told over and over again in life that I'm wrong, they win, I lose etc. Just because you don't agree with me, doesn't make either one of us WRONG. I believe that is just a tiny step away from judging me. Until you know a person's whole story, please don't tell them they are wrong.
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    Whether you have cancer or not, you shouldn't take your life until it's to the point of unbearable pain. But then again, you may not be able to handle some things that I can. Everyone has their own limits. So.. I'm sorry for kinda, making a snap judgement. I get a bit persistent sometimes.
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    Damn rights I can't handle things. If I could I wouldn't be here. I never have or will share methods here at SF because it is the rules. But sometimes it is so difficult not to when you listen to another human beings deep pain and torments. As for unbearable pain, is it fair to my children to put them through the ravages of cancer just so that others can say well she fought a good fight? I'd rather my kids remember the goods times instead of the pain in the end. And if it was only the cancer maybe I would be coping much better, but there are too many others to go into. Sorry for my input.
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    If my mom had cancer.. I'd want her to stick around.. As selfish as that is, and as mean as it may seem, and as much as I hate her right now, she's my mom.. No child should lose their mom.. I'd rather have her there as long as I can, than to have her go away while things were good. That'd be like a betrayal, and no kid should have to go through that. It's selfish on my part, but I would want my mom to stick it out.
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    I' glad that at least you have a Mom. My depression and other mental health issues have robbed my children of that. Sure I love them to pieces but I really am nothing more than a maid or maybe social worker when it comes to fulfilling my duties as a Mom. I take care of their basic needs but can very rarely find the energy to spend or do any quality things with them. I'm a single Mom, with no employment because of my health, get no support from my ex, am 43 years old and just so tired. So please don't even try to imagine what I have lived or experienced. You appear to be a much younger person and still have your whole life ahead of you. Don't waste any of your time trying to change my mind about options. LIke they say, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks."
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    Yeah.. I'm 14, never lived without my parents. And.. They're not sick. Hell, the suck sometimes, and they get drunk and smoke like crazy, but as far as I know, they're healthy enough.
  12. Corieh, while I am respectful of people who are pro-life, I am not pro-life. I have my own beliefs about the meaning of life, and about the purpose of death. I do get offended by pro-life people who try to judge people who are pro-choice or are pro-suicide (I am pro-choice). My belief is to not judge others and their suicidal wants. If they seek out for suicide methods, they are going to find them, one way or another, yet obviously not on SF. However, I don't believe that it is wrong to give method information to someone off of SF, as long as the method information given are methods which are painless, because most painless methods are near unobtainable anyways, so it is very unlikely that the person would be able to use those painless methods in order to suicide. Also, I should mention that most painless methods usually are used in "hastened death" situations, where a person really isn't suiciding, they are ending their lives peacefully as a result of a disability/terminal illness which eventually would kill them.
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  14. No one should ever judge the pain tolerance capabilities of the disabled/terminally ill.
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    I don't get people a lot of the time. Here or anywhere else.

    When I signed up for this site I agreed to abide by its terms of service. Nobody forced me to do this, I did it of my own free will. So did everyone else. It is clearly stated no methods allowed, and that you and I and everyone else agreed no methods were to be discussed. Fair enough, so far.

    I will also concede that there's at least one very legitimate reason for keeping methods off the board: if someone is coming onto the site in a highly emotional state, there's a distinct possibility that a blatant listing of methods could cause them to do something in the "heat of the moment" that they didn't really intend to do. So I actually agree with the Terms of Service.

    However, having said both of the above, your arrogance makes me gag. You have no way of knowing whether or not someone who visits this site truly wishes to live or die, you have no way of knowing whether or not they would in fact be better off dead, and you have no way of knowing, really, whether or not "handing them a method" is helping them or not helping them.

    The above has nothing to do with anything related to anyone's conduct on this board that I've seen. Nobody ever tells anyone to go die, even when the discussion lurches towards things like methods.

    And if they've sought "help?" Are you willing to acknoweldge that there may then come a point where suicide is in fact a rational alternative to continued existence?

    I find parts of what you're pushing (a) arrogant (b) wrong and (c) ill-informed. But I see no reason to go from there to hating you personally. I assure you I do not. Why do you think I might? Taking strong exception with someone else's position is not the same as hating them personally.

    But it is "humane" to let them linger in pain long after their existence has ceased to matter? In that case there's something to be said for inhumanity.

    Telling someone they should die and providing them with methods when asked are not even CLOSE to being the same thing. Like I said, I agree that this board isn't the proper venue for providing methods, but that comparison is objectively rubbish. You've conflated two very, very different ideas.
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    Everyone dies and most people have a shitty time while they're alive. What is the point? You can't save anyone.
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    Fuck this pro life shit. Whoever believes that life is worth living is clearly deluded. There is NOTHING good about life and deep down you all know that.

    ''Suicide sometimes proceeds from cowardice, but not always; for sometimes cowardice prevents it; since as many people live because they are afraid to die as die because they are afraid to live''.`

    Life is a big sick joke.
  18. Abacus21

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    I'm not deluded, and I think life is worth living.
    How about finding your future wife / husband?
    Getting a job you love and enjoy doing?
    Getting your first house?

    Are they not things to live for? They are to me.
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    Whatever an individuals view is on pro-life, this forum does have rules/guidelines which should be adhered to whenever possible. As a matter of courtesy and the needs/feelings of others, the discussion of methods suicide should be posted privately and not in a public forum. Everyone has the right to decide if they want to top themselves, but should not try to ‘trigger’ others. The very nature of this forum would suggest members have ideas and methods to suicide, I believe it should not be posted publicly.
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    I'm completely pro-choice when it comes to suicide. But I'm also completely pro-assisstance, intervention, and effort to save the life of every human if possible. Because this isn't a contradiction. If we are worth saving, we are worth making our own decisions.