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Tonight, coming online, I was feeling a little lost, a lot down and rather alone. I was hoping someone I knew would be around and would talk for a little while.

But no one showed up on im, so I started reading through posts here. And the more I read, the more sad I became. So many people here have and have had so much heartache in their lives. A few times I started to cry reading posts, feeling so sad for the people who are real and who exist behind their usernames.

I couldn't respond at all, to any. Its pretty pathetic. But words weren't coming, or weren't coming in a way that would make sense.

Yes - we are all individuals - but we all share common traits. We may not agree on matters of the world, but we share a common bond. How great would it be if that bond could morph into something positive?

For me, in some relationships I've made here, it most certainly is positive and has helped me enormously. And I'm in debt to those caring, kind souls who took the time to reach out to me.

I am sorry for anyone here tonight in pain, feeling lonely and hopeless. Reach out here, please. Let us hold each other up.

So, this isn't a negative rant, just a sad observant one I suppose. Big hugs.


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Actually, it's a positive post born out of your recognizing the sadness of others. Thank you for sharing such personal and moving observations. :hug:
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