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Everyone's giving up on me.

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At a point where it seems that no one likes me anymore. I try and struggle to like myself but all my previous friends have given up on me. I'm so hopeless and lost. I don't have anything going for me anymore. I can't find any reason to live.
My old friends dropped me too, or used me to the point that I ended up dropping them.
You aren't hopeless, my friend. There are new friends to be made, right here. People who understand you and care about what you are feeling. After all, most of us feel a lot like you do, we can all lean on each other :)


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My life has been terrible the last year. I had a severe injury and had to stop working. Being unable to work has led to my life obviously being a living nightmare because I don't have supportive family.

Had a friend who was going to help me. He gave me words of encouragement and came up with a plan to help me out. I contacted him today and he's just giving me the cold shoulder. Feeling that I am not a concern anymore. It's just a horrible feeling because that was really my last glimmer of hope. I don't have any other choices anymore and I'm tired of suffering so much. I've lost everything and I don't have any reason to still be here.


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Nothing's give. I'm tired of this. It's just the same thing over and over again and it only gets worse as I get older. It's too late for me now. Nobody cares or wants to help me. Just lies and empty promises. I build my hope and put everything into their promises and I only get more disappointment and humiliation. I don't even know how to help myself anymore. I haven't worked long enough for disability. My credit is ruined. Anyone is my position would have killed themselves a long time ago if they had any smarts.
Nobody cares or wants to help me.
Judging by the replies so far, Id say quite a few people care and would like to help you if they can. Having said that, I appreciate your situation.
Whilst Im not necessarily one to talk, life can get better, or so I am told. Its one of the few things we need to try to hold onto. That is Hope
There are still beautiful things in the world, its just that they are too often covered by veils, that is these beasts and demons that we fight.
'Tis a good fight, so get it off your chest here. Its a relatively safe place for you to get it off your chest, and to my knowledge, by saying what your thinking, your probably not going to get one of those knocks on the doors cos someones freaked out from what youve said, I may be wrong though.
Just my thoughts and ramblings though.
Stay Strong.


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Well I am in the US so there won't be any knocks. I tried getting help (hospital) but soon found that it was no help at all and only made me feel even more helpless and worthless. It's so damn hard to be alive right now. Seems the harder I try the harder I fall and nothing gets better. I just turned 30 and my life is worse now than it's ever been (and it's never been very good).
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