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    I just turned 27 on Wednesday and so I've been thinking about things. One thing I came to realise is that I think I've actually had a girlfriend before except it just didn't include the physical or was "official".

    I mean, we hung out a lot, did things together, had dinners with just the two of us, watched tv late into the night, told each other things we wouldn't tell anybody else and I took care of her when she was sick or drank too much.

    There just wasn't anything physical except for the occassional huge.

    I even had a similar situation with another girl once I lost touch with the first one.

    I'm just not seen as the romantic bf. I'm the emotional one. The attitude and manners that they want in a guy but just not the looks.

    It fucking sucks. I feel like a 13 year old boy.
  2. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    It's usually appropriate to show physical interest from your side especially as a man. You've gotta lean in close and ask for the kiss if you want it, which shouldn't be a problem with someone who's your girlfriend.

    What's the problem? Shy? Are you afraid you'll do it wrong?
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    You`re just shy I suposse, and you became good friends with the girls and relationship didn`t go further. You should make the first step, and be yourself!