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Everything comes crashing down...

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Well, it's happening again. Everything is crashing down on me... I'm 14 yrs old and a male for the record. Um, idk... my mother is being a bitch again, its 3:30 AM, my ankles and knees and other joints have been hurting me for the past week whenever I use them. This happened last year and the doctor said I had reactive arthritis due to strep trhoat (which i also had last year). I was diagnosed w/ strep a few days ago (but i could have had it longer).....you know what? I wanted to explain my whole situation, but its just too much...I just don't konw how much longer I can do this...I honestly now just wish I, I don't even know. Fuck life....fuck everything...my life just has to suck this bad, doesn't it?


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At the age of 14 I also felt that my life sucked. That's unfortunately part of growing up - getting past adolescence is a rough road, made bumpier if you're suffering from depression or any sort of emotional illness. No, your life does NOT have to suck. THere are remedies like professional counseling and/or medications that can help immensely. It's helped me, and I've been depressed most of my adult life - just didn't do anything about it (other than drink heavily and engage in reckless behavior) til about ten yrs ago. What a difference it made. I still feel bad sometimes, sometimes really bad, but the bad feelings aren't as often or as awful as they once were.

Your life does NOT have to suck. It just seems that way right now.

love and hugs and hope,

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