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I was in a dream that had been going on for a while. I had several dreams last night. In one part I saw some people that looked like thieves or trouble makers. I ran from them to the building I had come from. I told the staff that there were people causing trouble! Then several cops burst out of the door crawling on top of eachother like from the movie police academy. In the dream I recognized this as comedy! Then they ran after the hoodlums. I could see them circling around the block when I turned a corner of the building. They were so comical! In the next moments the dream morphed into an arcade but it was outside the building. I was floating around looking at them. They were all 80's era arcade games. Then I saw a friend I had had in grade school. I had seen him earlier in the dream but he had been younger. But now he had gray hair! I had to ask him twice what his name was because I didn't believe him! It was hard for me to grasp that he had gray hair. He assured me that he was the man. Then I woke up not much longer after. I kept thinking about how surprised I was that he had gray hair. I have these kinds of dreams a lot. They always re-remind me of aging and mortality and death and so on. I'm 33, but the presence of aging and my fears of it are always there in my dreams in one form or another.

I live in the same place I've lived all my life. My dreams are a mix of me seeing familiar things placed in unfamiliar contexts. I guess I feel out of place because I'm not a little kid anymore. I wish I could go somewhere else to live. I kind of feel trapped here sometimes. My dreams never let me escape. They always force me to see my conflicting and shaming reality.

Anybody else notice how dreams morph constantly? They shape shift! But the story remains similar.

Wish I could fly like I do in my dreams. It's so liberating AND fun! It's like a sport.
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