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  1. TestForEcho

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    No meat or dairy. Both have a many health problems that are debated but the truth is you can replace these with something else.

    No GMO food. They can kill insects and aren't healthy for you either.

    No Taco Bell, Pizzahut, KFC or any other big fast food chain. They all cut their food with silicon which leads to Morgellons (which was discovered to be deposits of silicon being pushed up under the skin).

    No tap or bottled water unless distilled because it contains fluoride, a long term exposer drug that hurts you badly.

    No plants sprayed with insecticide as said poison contains mostly fluoride.

    I'll list more when I think about it.
  2. run4fun

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    what is GMO?
  3. TestForEcho

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    Genetically modified organism. Thiws also includes plants that can kill insects and some that actually have viruses in them. Many of these plants were given to lab animals who devloped groth problems and almost all died. The Monsanto corporation is buying up farms left and right.
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    Well, actually, you do need meat in your diet to support testosterone and other hormone levels. Don't be fooled into thinking a vegetarian diet will solely proviode you with your nutritional needs. It's been medically proven that an exclusive veggie diet slashes hormone levels. I hope more people realize this, that meat is ESSENTIAL to a healthy lifestyle.

    But, yes, organic food is the healthiest way to go.
  5. Jackson

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    I could never get rid of meat and dairy products. I'd rather live a shorter life.
  6. hammockmonkey

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    Both meat and diary are full of toxins, but they are also full of vitamins and minerals. Example B12 is only found in meat and is essential, you don't need that much of it to be healthy. B12 deficiency causes dementia, so yeah fun fun fun! Diary has great fat, and yogurt is full of bacteria that is great for your digestive system.

    Buying organic is great however be aware that companies like McDonald's have been trying to change the definition of organic food. Buy from local farmers and foods, fresh food is much better for you it also tastes better.

    Don't eat ANY fast food, ever. Okay, I know that sometimes its the only option at hand so do what you gotta do. Just try and not make a habit of it.

    If Monsanto seeds are found in anyones farm Monsanto gains ownership of that farmers crop, possible fields (unsure). There was a huge case about this in Canada a few years back, Ontario's province. Who knows what GMO products could do, both positively and negatively. There isn't much researh out there on either side. Lots of speculation though.

    As for flouride being toxic, I'd be interested in knowing more. What are the levels of flouride that are corrently in tap water? How long does one need to drink tap water to be at risk? What types of health risks are there? etc.
  7. thedeafmusician

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    wait, I thought that flouride makes your teeth last longer? its the stuff they use in toothpaste :blink:
  8. Jackson

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    Yeah. I think fluoride prevents enamel decay. We didn't have it in our water a few years ago, and they recently passed something or other in the city council to add it.