Everything I do is wrong

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  1. SongIsOver

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    I can't get away from the feeling that everything I do is wrong. Everything I say is wrong. I can't do anything right. Every choice I make is wrong. I always eff everything up. There's nothing I can do right. No matter what I do or try, always ends up wrong, screwed up, stupid. So stupid.
  2. SongIsOver

    SongIsOver Well-Known Member

    and I am worthless. Nothing.
  3. soulreaper

    soulreaper Well-Known Member

    you need to work on yourself first , your esteem being first, use positive affirmations of yourself to life your mood, you are not worthless, you will faulter lots but there is an light at the end of the tunnel, keep using the power of positive thinking to correct your wrong behaviour, evenutaul doing the right thing is easy, keep positive is all, use positive thoughts of yourself and others, and you will never be wrong, good luck friend.
  4. Twocky61

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