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Everything is being shovled into me and it wont stop!

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by POINTLESSWORDS, Jun 28, 2013.

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    POINTLESSWORDS Active Member

    it is all to muucchhhh!!
    Everything all the black words coming out of everyone of these devils mouths all the time then the sounds i hear no thats a fucking lye they are voices that come from the figures that are always in this room but whenever i say what i see they just say that nothing is there like that should mean something to me or they say nothing

    talk why what is the point it just makes things worse and yet i am still writing here not for help not for comfort just another one of those things that i cannot put in dictionary words

    then they just keep threatening that if they dont get results from me that they can show to there bosses to show that they are fixing this body that i am trapped inside
    what results are they expectng to get from me when they dont even no what is going on inside of me what is going on in the same room they are threatening me to do what they want

    then i have this pain!!! This undiscribable pain that never stops!!!it never stopppss!!!just stop it all and i dont nedd more screams inside this skkuullllll
    i have to be quiet by order of devils and not hit them devils far off from what i need to do to them
    and everytime i have tried to kill this body and myself i have been caught then grabbed the roped down!!!!!its ttooo muchhhh it never fucking stopppprdgflfjlhgfcygh,gf,jf
    they search me every day to search for cuts which they never fucking find anymore because i have no blades left i can use to cut but they keep searching
    then i am always being watched by the damn all seeing electronic eye that never shuts off
    all the things i cant talk about
    then they keep pushing and forcing me
    dont they fucking get that at one point very soon i will not be able to take it anymore and i will not care what they do to me anymore i will do whatever i can do reach bit tear destroy and rip at them
    sleeping for this body then being woken up by banging so that i am up to do what they tell me to
    then they just keep taking the few things that are mine and do not give them back because they can just say paper oh we think that is fucking dangerous and of corse the sick me has no say
    just no no no no no no ot never stops and i have been here to long
    then just function function function so the devils stay away

    its just to much and i am "suicidal" all the time but i cannot bit this flesh off to kill this body i have tried wanting death sll the time and having nothing to make it happen
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    sounds like YOU hun are in a very bad place in your mind You are psychotic and need to be watched for you safety The nurses and doctors are only there to help the madness in your brain stop ok Work with them hun ok help them help you hugs

    POINTLESSWORDS Active Member

    how can a toilet seat be used as a wepon?
    Just another rullee these fucking debils have!!!!i need a reall weapon and i no what i need but i cant find it
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