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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by suicidal maniac, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. suicidal maniac

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    I was just reading this gets better, as she mentioned that she was sexually abused when she was 15, hence she became mentally ill. All mental illness it seems can be traced back to sexual abuse. Some people don't even know but they were abused maybe as little boys, I wasn't and that's why now their mind is trying to make sence of it, but there is no concious memory of it so the mind is figthing it, it's breaking down. Everything in your body is geared towards sex, and if that mechanism get's screwd up somehow you are mentally ill. Right now I'm thinking about jumping off a tall building.
  2. Chem

    Chem New Member

    No all mental illness's cannot be traced back to sexual abuse, but they can all probably be traced back to stress, whether it came from an event, people or from themselves.

    I have been struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since I was very young, about 6. It started with me repeating conversations in my head that I had had earlier and constantly going over other things in my mind, then after time I had a weird fixation with having certain things neat, like if the TV remotes were chucked on the floor, i'd turn them onto the right side, then that turned to me making them all parallel, etc. it progressed like that, The physical problems went away and I don't care about neatening things up anymore, but that's only because my other problems got worse, going over things has really ruined my mind. If I'm going to go and order something later, I can't just say "Ok I'll do that later" instead i'm like "Ok I will do it later, ok I'm doing it later, it doesn't matter because i'm doing it later", etc. Its hard to explain in words, but anyways....

    When I hit puberty it went into a whole nother league, I used to worry alot about little things and then go over and over them, but then when puberty came I had so many things that I go over and over, in reality when I'm out I know who I am, but when i'm sat at home alone I get stuck in this state of worrying and all different sexual related things. It really is making me crazy and is a big part of whats driven me to suicide.

    I know that If I could go off and get a girlfriend it would probably dramatically dissolve, but my other problems are making that hard, I'm sorry you are feeling suicidal too, but maybe our problems are similar in some ways?

    If you feel like talking let me know.
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