Everything would be easier without me.

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  1. Morgese05

    Morgese05 New Member

    After several long years of depression starting at age 10 because I multiple family disasters, I gave up fighting about 2 months ago. I spent weeks in the hospital and since I am 16 many doctors were worried. My biggest issues is I am so alone and my entire school found out about my suicide attempt and nobody will speak to me. I had many friends and some very close ones and they won't even look at me. The hardest part is not having at least a family to support me. I over hear my mom wondering why she is even making an effort with me and my dad won't speak to me. The days get longer and everyday is a battle because I literally can not think of one person or or thing to keep me here on this earth. How am I supposed to fight for mysel when no one is even fighting for me.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Your family hun do not have the skills to help you so they are feeling helpless and do not know what to do What your mother said was said out of frustration hun not out of lack of love for
    you You need professional help hun a therapist a doctor who can help you and your parent also need support too hun if they do not have it they should try to get some help for them
    They need guidance and support to help them help you do you understand hun they are lost. Your friends are pehaps afraid to talk to you now they are unsure of how their words will affect you . You are 16 hun and soon you will be ready to start a new school make new friends but first hun you need to heal You hun are the only one who can fight for you ok really Your doctors can help you by getting you support by guiding you into better coping skills but you hun have to fight ok it is your fight and you can win it with the right meds right therapy you can win hugs
  3. Oceans

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    I'm sorry your friends have excluded you and your parents aren't as supportive as you like them to be. It is tough being where you are, but things can change slowly with the support of counsellors or therapist. They can help you with what is going on and perhaps even talk to your parents on ways they can be more supportive.
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