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    This is my first post.. I've been told by a friend that I need help.. I know he's right.. so this is what I'm going to do.. I don't feel like going to therapy not to mention I don't have the time.. I just need to get a lot off my mind.. I have too much I'm thinking about, school.. my life.. it all just.. sucks.. thats why I'm here..
    I have problems with cutting and with bars...
    The bars are not as big of a problem as the cutting is...

    Sometimes I just feel like no matter what no one understands.. they don't see how I can be hurt over things that have happend in the past.. or anything else.. my boyfriend just seems to get "mad" at me when I get depressed and that doesn't help... My ex Richard is just being himself.. but he really isn't a problem... Just .. the problem is my ex Rick..

    He screwed me over. Not only did he screw me over but he also just .. he kept leaving.. and it kills me ... it still kills me.. he would just disapear and I wouldn't talk to him for weeks and most of the time months.. I don't trust guys anymore unless I know them really well.. All because of the lying and cheating he did..

    Everyone seems to think that I'm the one who's fault it always is... I try to help everyone else pushing my problems to the side.. and guess what.. yes that does make mine go away for a little while.. but then they come back harder then ever.. I can't cry anymore.. I've gotten to the point where I'm sick of everyone yelling at me.. and saying I can't do anything right.. that I'm not good enough for them.. I'm just sick of it.. GAHH.. I can't break down anymore... I'm sick of freaking break downs.. I don't want to cry but thats all it seems like I can do... I can't take it any more and Its like.. the only person I have to talk to.. is always busy now a days... I'm always there for people when they need me but is it when ever I need someone no one can ever be there? I don't understand what I've done wrong.. I've tried to do everything right and I just .. I don't know what else to do...
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    :hug: firstly welcome to SF :welcome:
    We're here to listen, though if you feel this depressed, I would strongly advice to do seek for professional help also. Of course you're welcome here and feel free to keep the rants/vents etc coming, as you need it off your chest.

    If you ever want a talk in private, feel free to PM me.

    Ester x
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    Thanks for the welcome
    It's not that I don't want professional help.. just don't have a lot of spare time.. im school home thats my day... but I do get some help from a councler at school which kinda helps with some of it then theres just stuff that i don't mention a lot so yeah
    Thanks for the welcome though anyone can private message me anytime you want...
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    Lauren, I have to be the one to tell you- whatever it is that consumes your time can't be prioritized over your safety; emotionally and physically. It's obvious you have someone in your life that cares for you, and he is right. While getting help from friends and acquaintances is definitely a plus, there's no real substitute for a medical professional.

    I encourage you as well to find a new release. I have no doubt you've tried before, but cutting (as you probably well know) is extremely dangerous to both your short term and long term health. It's obvious you have plans for recovery, and want to help yourself- consider how deadly this current release could be in the future when you recover from your depression (and it's not a matter of 'if you do' it's just 'when').

    At the same time, let me remind you this is all coming from someone that's been there- and currently is there. While this might be the most hypocritical advice ever given- I still urge you to seek help.

    I'm also open to PMs if you ever want to vent to someone confidentially.

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    Thanks.. I guess I'll see what I can do about gettings some professional help