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    i hope some day that i will get over it some day and i hope someone that i love not hurt himself anymore. because i love him to much to hurt himself again but he will get over it one day soon because his so cute and he doesn't need to hurt himself and he can get over it one day when he is ready to. i am not going to tell him to do it now because it is up to him now. i am looking after him seen we been together for 1year half now and i hope we stay together for age of our lifes. he hasn't said anything to me about it yet. but i have been here all the time to look after everyone in my life now and i hope they love me for it but no one has said it to me yet and but i love all them and i wish i can take my husband out to the beach and tea and lunch one day i hope so but he is going to say no and i am going to make something up to take him out there. i love to do everything to my husband and i like to take him out for lunch and dinner or the beach to have fun together and just us two only. we haven't did that for ages now and i hope so soon again one day.
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    I hope you two can go somewhere where you can re-connect as well...I am sure ppl know that you love them and that they love you...is there anyone who you can tell that you want to hear this??? big hugs, J