Everything's gone to hell

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    I miss having friends. Or at least A friend. One would be fine with me. One that would be there for me and not treat me like utter shit all the fucking time, one that doesn't use me, one that doesn't lie to me and betray my trust or just leave and ignore me.
    One that I can laugh with, oh I miss laughing. Humor is so important in a friendship. Someone that genuinely wants to see me happy and tries to build me up when I feel like crap. I always do the same in return. The true friends that I did have left. I have to admit, some connections I didn't pay as much attention to as I should have.
    I am being treated like nothing but shit by everyone. I can't trust anybody, everyone is just fucking with me and I'm really fucking tired of it. I'm not even exaggerating, I'm being treated like a fucking dog. And when you say your sorry you mistreated me you can go fuck yourself. I'm being insulted and cursed out and verbally beat up constantly. it's hurt my self esteem a lot. Ive asked myself if I deserve to be talked down to like this and to be ignored by everybody. Why is it that everyone can use me when they need something and I'm fucked out of luck when I need something or someone. Every fucking body walks over me. And I have always bend over backwards for people and put myself second. I could give examles how im being treated and what im being called lol you would be surprised. I'm still surprised myself. My favorite one was that I was a "stupid fucking orphan". And why should I not mention this. Why keep it to myself and try to be mature about it.

    I can't call one person a friend anymore. I got not one. Unfortunately I have social phobia which doesn't making new friends extremely easy. I want to laugh and feel comfortable with someone again. It almost seems too good when I think about it. I feel like I was a completely different person then.

    On second thought, I'm not even expecting replies. Why should I expect anyone to reply. Don't get your hopes up lol long live pessimism
    Yeah you might as well delete this... Feel silly for posting
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    You don't want people in your life who treat you in such a bad way. Sure, it can suck to be all alone, but wouldn't you rather be alone than to be around people who bring you down like that? You will find true friends, ones who deserve to be in your life. Don't give up hope--I don't have many people to rely on, but there is always someone out there who will pick you up when you're down.
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    If you do not mind me asking. Just exactly how old are you? Are you a teenager?