Ex-flame at new job

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    In march I had 2 dates with a great guy. We both had the same sense of humor which is amazing! On our second date watching a movie at his house we started making out and there was some caressing going on, so I put my hand down his pants, even though he'd said he wanted to take things slow, and then he went to the bathroom.
    I slept over, like with his sweatpants on and no cuddling, because it was late and raining and I didn't want to take the subway or walk home at that hour.
    After that we texted a little but made no plans. And often when he would send me texts they'd only appear as little rectangles instead of letters, so I wasn't able to find out why he wanted to no longer go out with me so we eventually stopped talking and I deleted his number.
    I'v been unemployed a month and finally might have a job dogwalking! I have a sort of second interview on tuesday where I go along with a staff member walking dogs to make sure I am good with dogs and such. He works there and he trains people sometimes.

    I'm worried he'll be the one training me, or maybe he'll be assigned to do it then find out its me and tell his boss about it and I won't be able to get a job there anymore. I don't know what to say when I eventually see him and don't want to start working there and have everyone know I'm slutty. I'm not sure if he'd tell anyone, or if he'll find out its me until I go in on Tuesday!