Exactly why do you come to SF?

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by the_me_that_you_know, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. I'm lonely, extremely so. That's why I keep coming back. Even though I feel I have not made myself look good in some of my posts. :paperbag:
  2. FoReVeR LoSt

    FoReVeR LoSt Well-Known Member

    everyone here is so supportive and they can calm me down, or make me smile. It's really awesome that i know that i'm safe here and i belong
  3. Unique

    Unique Member

    Not sure anymore...
  4. I'm addicted!
  5. Greenforest

    Greenforest Well-Known Member

    I came to see that I'm not alone, but I'm not sure anymore. I'm usually just whining to deaf ears.
  6. letdown

    letdown Guest

    To talk to myself.:smile:
  7. Datsik

    Datsik Forum Buddy

    All of the members here are friendly, and not addicted to themselves, and I love this place, and its members!
  8. Anonymous2

    Anonymous2 Well-Known Member

    At first, I came because I was suicidal. Now, I still consider suicide, but mostly I just come here because I’m LONELY.

    The nice thing about posting here is that most people here are not judgmental. Most of us here have problems; as a result, we are not as critical of other people’s problems. If I was to go on a forum for typical, “normal” young adults, I would be laughed at and criticized for all my abnormalities.

    I didn’t really begin to realize how many other things there are to talk about on this forum until I began to look around. At first I only posted in the suicide forum when I was feeling suicidal. Now, I spend most of my time writing about other things that I do not have an opportunity to talk about in the real world. I don’t have anyone, except my mother and father to talk to, so it is nice to go on a forum and communicate with other people. Another thing that is nice about visiting this forum is we have the opportunity to help others.
  9. Darkness N Light

    Darkness N Light Staff Alumni

    I come to be here for others who need someone to support and love them. I also come because I lost my fiance to suicide back in 2002.
  10. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    To help, to listen. To not live a completely lonely life. And maybe be helped.
  11. LonelyKid

    LonelyKid Well-Known Member

    I came because I was looking for help.
    Even though between the time now and the time I joined I attempted suicide again this place helps me know I'm not as alone as I think. Though I still feel it. I don't want to stop trying like I do on everything else.
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