Exams... Pain...

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    Everyone tells me how bright and lovely the future will be. Everyonr tells me to take it one day at a time. How am i meant to keep going forward when every step is so painful. So my final exams start tomorrow, the problem is i have already failed them. I have had two weeks to prepare and i haven't picked up a book instead i have been planning my own death and so encased in my own thoughts. I have failed once again, all i do is fail. I am ready to escape this pain. My stupid psychiatrist is so wrapped up in the exams, i told him i can't keep doing this and that i was being torn apart, and all he was worried about was exams. If i say that i want to commit suicide everyone will think its an excuse, they won't think i am being honest. I have no one to turn to and i am about to break. What the hell am i mean to do? I have no one to turn to. :sad:
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    I totally know how you feel
    I have exams in 2 weeks
    I cant be motivated to study
    all i do is get depressed and think about dying
    it takes over your mind
    and people dont care either.

    goodluck anywhoo i guess :hug: