Exams that are meant to bring down grades

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    Well what can I say?

    I go to university and normally for 70 marks for an exam we are given around 2 hours to do the exam. If you are unlucky, you get one of those teacher that gives you a 90 mark exam in 1 hour 30 minutes.

    I am not talking about all multiple choice here, normally a exam is around 75 percent multiple choice with a few short answer or short essay question. Normally our university standards are 1 minute per multiple question; 30 seconds to read the question carefully (some are trick questions and opposite questions), and 30 seconds to think the question through.

    I just came back from CBSY, which is Computer Applications for Business, which I just finished a practical exam. Everyone of the students I have talked to did not have time to finish it.

    Honestly I really feel like crap, since I know I missed around 20 marks out of 90 because the time-limit and vagueness of the questions.
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    Does your university give you grades based on a bell curve? If yes, that should be alright since everyone else was short on time too. If no, others probably didn't do very well either so don't feel too bad. Just study hard and I hope your next exam is easier!