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It's a bad feeling considering what I am feeling excited about. I feel good about my plans and what may happen and when they will happen.

Perhaps I am not as stable as I thought!


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Heya...:hug: Has something happened to trigger things, today?

Please don't do anything self-destructive. Talk to people here and/or in chat to distract yourself. If you're in crisis, how about the ER or a crisis line?

Thinking of you and hoping you'll stay safe :hug:


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NO, it's just something I have been planning for a while and I feel quite excited about it all. I think it may work and I feel good about the plans I have made.

I know it doesn't exactly sound stable. Perhaps I feel more stable and lighter because I have made plans.

Who knows. I don't understand my own thoughts so how I could expect anyone else to!

Hi golden,

I'm glad you are in good spirits, but I agree with Acy, PLEASE don't do anything destructive to yourself or anyone else! I too have had the experience of feeling relief when I thought I was finally going to die, before realizing that there are a lot of wonderful things in life i have not yet had a chance to experience, and a lot of loved ones that my death would horribly effect. I know at other times you may be in a lot of pain, but there are ways to heal which can give you the same relief you are feeling right now without dying. Please keep us updated on your status, and hold on.

You're NOT alone.
May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be wise. May you be safe and protected. Peace be with you.


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Well, I'm hoping you actually mean some positive plans with your life - not the plan to make things accidental looking!

As for not understanding your own thoughts - I've read your thoughts on here plenty of times and you seem articulate enough without a doubt. It's not like you are struggling for words is it?

I read your blog also - and well, you know what is happening and I'm too much of a gent to tell. But maybe this part of your plans? Maybe love is the air?

I hope so goldenpsych - and you should not underestimate the power of love or be cynical about it. Or if you just have some fun for the summer, well, rock and roll for you! Your still young - and lets face it - where is the passion in prozac, counselling and another night in?

Anyhow, I hope I'm reading this right - and if I'm not then maybe its how you should be looking at things right now?

I'm looking to see if my hands are small - which is a bit stupid really if you think about it - lol.

Funniest thing I've read today.

So - how long long do you reckon a gentleman ought to wait before a woman, if he shared La Passion with her, ought to wait, before things really happen? I mean you can be a gentleman but you don't want to be seen as a jerk or something. Like if I met someone - and feel some love - I should just say so.

Its been so long since I been on a date - instead of just being randomly 'used' lol - but times have changed from when I even had a date. We fought duels on horses clad in armour just to get one. Had to write at least 500 sonnets, wrestle dragons and so on.

Thanks in advance - and I always knew you were pretty funny. All I can say - is ladies ought to read the blog!!!!! - I'm not reading the racy stuff myself (cough, splutter) - its like the stuff woman share to each other. But now I have read it - maybe I should go for a particular lady who could well be driving me insane. I mean, sure, I've got to know her - romance her and court her a little or a lot!

As for good in the sack - I think its wonderful that you admire me who are good in the sack race - that good old British bastion of British summer sport! You get two people in a sack, and you have to race across a short distance. Me and my brother - we always won - or got second prize.

Never knew you were into kind of thing.

To be honest - neither am I

You gotta read the blog.

Anyhow, if I'm way off target tell me - but I hope you at least had a little laugh - and I'm sure others will also.

In the midst of our despair, we can laugh.

Cheers! :smile::laugh::wink::rolleyes::ohmy:


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Personally, whenever it feels right. It may be the first date, it may be 10 dates. It depends on how well you know each other and what you want from it.

For instance, I would not sleep with a guy straight away if I wanted a relationship with him. I would wait a few weeks. If I didn't want a relationship or I wasn't looking then a one night stand is fine.

Does that make sense?

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