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Exercise club


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I really need to strengthen my core and do some work on my biceps, running alone makes my heart fit while my upper body falls apart around it πŸ˜‚
You are very fit; I'm envious, in a good way, lol. 😁 I've been badly letting my anxiety & depression get the upper hamd, making me lazy and hesitant about walking/jogging.
I set a secret goal but haven't done much in the new year to get going on it. *hiding


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Went to bouldering. We planned to go twice more this week, and I'm thrilled to have this bouldering buddy. I would really not workout that much otherwise.
I would love to go bouldering. There's a gym not too far from me, but would have to go on my own and I haven't got the self confidence for that!
So for those who clearly are clueless....curious what is bouldering?
So for those who clearly are clueless....curious what is bouldering?
These are not my pics and they're not me but give a good idea of what bouldering outdoors is:
As seabird showed, it's basically rock climbing, but oriented small and hard problems to solve
I practice it indoors as I don't have access to rock climbing places but it's very fun still :)

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