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Ran at ascending effort for 3 miles then slowed to finally stop. Hampered by the fact I re-tore some rib cartilage while turning over in bed, making it uncomfortable (but not too painful or impossible) to take deeper breaths. Thought cartilage had healed but it's obviously weakened from major damage from fall years ago, then re-injury last year bending to grab cat - at least it's not agony, maybe just the last healed threads came undone and it will heal as full as possible in time. Could do without injuries at the moment - I bend and stretch with my runs no problem, touch my toes, fine - but turning over in bed and my body goes NOOOOOOOOOO!


Personal Assistant to Professor Tiddles - Retired
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Managed an undulating 5 miles longish run with a hill PR, breathing expanded the cartilage that had been squashed in by sleeping on it, so hopefully that balances it out. No pain doing stretches, and touching ground between toes, but if I bend to pick up something - ouch! Certainly a strange one but glad it's not keeping me immobile.


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I bought the 1 inch X 3 foot aluminum pipe to make the pull up bar to fit in an interior doorway in my house.
It should be but a morning's work to fit a pair of 2X4 blocks to mount it.....
I raised the resistance level on my stationary bike to 8 from 7. 8 is the highest and half an hour cycling at the same speed as before raises my heart rate to the same level as at 7........about 112 BPM. I'm taking it that my cardio fitness is improving.
When I started on the bike last autumn I couldn't even do half an hour without stopping to rest.

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